Vendor Management

Onboarding new vendors and managing current vendors is a time-consuming task. Defensix streamlines vendor due diligence, calculates vendor risk, and manages vendor contracts, saving time to focus on other aspects of security that matter.
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Gone are the days of spreadsheets and paper to manage third-party vendors. Defensix is everything you need, and nothing you don’t.


Begin with a custom profile of a third-party vendor. Progress is tracked on a visual bar, allowing for easy access to vendor
relationship status.


Craft a custom questionnaire, tailored to business needs. Questionnaires are king when it comes to assessing the risk of a third-party vendor. Common best-practice templates are also provided by Defensix.


Maintain a standardized process for ongoing vendor risk assessments and approvals, never losing track of anyone.

Vendor Overview

See progress with your own eyes. A progress bar indicates vendor contract status. Vendor contract progress details are shown with easy-to-read charts and graphs in the vendor profile overview.
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Make and keep essential contacts in an organized space to have questionnaires efficiently distributed.


Review the security posture of each vendor and track their approval


Store any documentation in one centralized location. All common file types are compatible.

Vendor Status

For a quick overview of all your vendors, check out the vendor management dashboard. Keep track of vendor ratings, pending vendors, and outstanding questionnaires.
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New Vendor

Create individual profiles for each third-party vendor to customize management.


Craft specific questionnaires to adapt to each vendor’s unique requirements and capabilities.

Vendor Report

Results matter. Produce comprehensive reports with vendor documentation and risk ratings to show evaluation and contract status.
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