Password Audit

Passwords are the first line of defense for organizations’ data protection and information security. Weak passwords in the wrong hands can make networks crumble and companies crack. Data breaches are often achieved through compromised passwords – so what to do? Check out Defensix Password Audit.

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Remove weak passwords from organization
Improve security defenses with strong passwords
Receive metrics on critical information to keep information protected

The Gist

Defensix Password Audit is a tool designed to test the strength of an organization’s passwords. Discover how many passwords are susceptible to hackers.
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Defensix aids in the removal of the following
password flaws and more:

  • Lack of complexity
  • Insufficient password length
  • Poor base-words, custom-tailored to each organization
  • Commonly-used passwords

Becoming Flawless

Learn how to create hacker-resistant passwords to increase security maturity and protect business and personal information.


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