Security Made Simple


Defensix simplifies governance, risk, and compliance by combining over 10 compliance and certification frameworks into one core set of controls.

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Vendor Management

Defensix streamlines vendor risk assessments, tracks contract progress, and gives organizations the power to customize third-party vendor management.

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Weak passwords? Don’t worry, we’ll find them. Defensix tests strength and provides useful metrics to help foritfy an organization’s security.

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Security Made Simple

Governance, risk, and compliance can be complicated. Managing multiple third-party vendors can be overwhelming. Maintaining password security takes time and effort. Defensix was created to take all of these cybersecurity tasks and make them simple, streamlined, and centralized.

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Defensix is designed to be everything you need and nothing you don’t. Its comprehensive frameworks, simplistic style, and visual metrics make Defensix the best platform for all GRC, vendor management, and password audit needs.

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